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Drug Conspiracy Charges

If you have been charged with conspiracy in a drug-related offense in Oregon, you will need an experienced, skilled and aggressive drug conspiracy defense attorney with a proven track record in drug crimes. At Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law, you can expect to have an attorney who will thoroughly and properly evaluate the facts of your drug conspiracy charges and legally advise you of the best course of action according to your specific situation.

With qualified and experienced representation by attorney Robert L. Sepp, you may be able to avoid jail time and may even have the drug conspiracy charges that are levied against you dismissed.

Drug Conspiracy Crimes

In Oregon, a person charged with drug conspiracy does not have to have had any actual involvement with committing the crime itself. Just knowing a crime is going to be committed or being involved with people engaged in drug-related criminal activity is enough to get a conspiracy charge. In some cases, an actual crime may never have been completed, and yet a person still ended up with a drug conspiracy charge.

Drug Conspiracy Cases

Drug conspiracy charges are very serious crimes in Oregon. Conspiracy drug charges are prosecuted, tried and sentenced in both federal and Oregon state circuit courts. Charges for conspiracy often follow the same sentencing guidelines as the actual crime that was committed.

For example: If the crime to which the conspiracy is attached is a Class A felony, the conspiracy charge will also be classified as a Class A felony. If you are facing drug conspiracy charges, it is imperative that you have competent legal representation from the very beginning.

Why Seek The Help Of An Experienced Drug Conspiracy Defense Attorney?

As you can imagine, penalties in Oregon for drug-related charges can include large fines, probation, significant jail time and possibly mandatory prison. Penalties vary depending on whether the crime is considered a misdemeanor or felony and whether it is a first, second or subsequent offense. To find out more about the specific circumstances that can lead to drug conspiracy charges and learn whether you qualify for a consultation, contact attorney Sepp today.
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