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Crimmigration is where criminal law and immigration law cross paths. Robert L. Sepp has over 20 years of experience in criminal law and over 12 years of experience in immigration law.

When is a no jail offer or admitting guilt to a misdemeanor instead of a felony a terrible deal? Well, if you are an undocumented resident or a legal permanent resident, a criminal charge and disposition that seems good in court may have catastrophic unintended immigration consequences. This includes deportation or ending up in removal proceedings without the chance of bonding out. You need an aggressive attorney who understands both criminal and immigration law to fight your case.

The difference between staying in the USA and being deported following a criminal conviction can be as simple as the language used in the plea petition. But if your attorney does not know that simple solution, you could be deported or denied a chance to win your immigration court case. No matter how long you have lived in the USA you could end up being deported based on a criminal conviction.

Don’t take a chance with you and your family’s future. If your goal is to stay in the USA, you need an attorney who knows both immigration and criminal law. You need to hire Robert L. Sepp.