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Expungement Lawyer

Having a clear record is crucial for success in life. A background check that shows misdemeanors or felonies can cause an incredible amount of frustration. After a record has been expunged, it is as if the crime never happened and will no longer show on your record. Ensuring a background check will return clean is important for:
  • Applying for housing or a mortgage
  • Employment
  • Loan applications
  • Renewing licenses
  • Adoption
Robert L. Sepp is an expungement attorney who will fight to expunge your record. He wants his clients to be successful in their day-to-day lives and understands the consequences of having an arrest record. He will fight for you until you are satisfied with the results.

Expungement Law

There are 36 counties in Oregon, and the process of expungement varies between them. Most misdemeanor crimes and Class C felonies can be expunged. To determine the eligibility of the convicted crime you wish to expunge, it must comply with the following:

  • An application must be submitted no earlier than three years from the date of conviction.
  • You are not currently being prosecuted for a crime.
  • You have not gotten a conviction on your record in the past 10 years.
  • You must have concluded all requirements given to you by the court.

These requirements are for a crime that you have been convicted for committing. There are certain convictions that are not eligible for expungement. These include most Class A and B convictions, child endangerment or abuse, driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) and most violent crimes.

Expungement Cost

There are base fees for filing expungement. These include a $252 fee for filing a request to the court and an $80 background check fee. Attorney costs for expungement can vary due to what the client’s specific needs are. If a client has completed the expungement filings but would like them reviewed for accuracy, that could cost less than hiring a lawyer to take care of everything. Hiring an expungement attorney is the best option to ensure that you get the best results of your case.

If you need help with expunging your records, Robert L. Sepp will take care of it all to help ease the hassle and worry for you. He knows how to handle expungement, from filing to monitoring progress to providing representation in court.

If you are afraid that your conviction doesn’t qualify or if you have any questions, feel free to fill out the form or call Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law, at 503-388-5382.

Located in West Linn, Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law is proud to represent clients in the Portland metro area, Willamette Valley, Oregon Coast, Bend, Medford, Eugene and throughout the entire state of Oregon.