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Measure 11 Kidnapping Defense

Being charged with Measure 11 kidnapping charges is very serious, and requires immediate attention from an experienced lawyer. Individuals convicted of this Measure 11 felony will serve a minimum of 7 years 6 months for Assault I, and 5 years 10 months for Assault II. Because Measure 11 tries juveniles as adults, if you’re 15 or older, that mandatory minimum sentence applies to you, too! Crimes that fall under Oregon’s Measure 11 Statute are not eligible for reduced sentences, regardless of circumstances, and if convicted and imprisoned, they will never be eligible for reduced sentences–not even for good behavior.

Consequences Of Kidnapping Charges For A Juvenile Defendant

If you’re between 15-17 years old, you will be charged and tried as an adult for Measure 11 kidnapping. This is extremely serious and can affect the rest of your life. If arrested for a Measure 11 crime, you must consult with an experienced juvenile defense attorney as soon as possible. Robert Sepp has the knowledge and expertise necessary to help your case, and he’s ready to help you right now.

Why Do I Need An Experienced Attorney For Measure 11 Kidnapping?

If you have been arrested and charged with Measure 11 kidnapping charges, you are facing a felony conviction and considerable prison time if you are convicted.

There are many components that go into successfully defending a charge of felony kidnapping under Measure 11 in Oregon. Choosing an attorney who is experienced with Measure 11 kidnapping defense can mean the difference between a long, punishing prison term and freedom. Attorney Robert L. Sepp has a special understanding of the legal rights of victims and the successful defense of those accused. He works diligently to protect the rights and integrity of his clients.

If you’re hoping for a plea offer, it’s even more important to work with an attorney who knows and defends Measure 11 cases. It requires a diligent and knowledgeable lawyer to get the district attorney to offer a plea deal outside of Measure 11 restrictions.

Measure 11 Kidnapping Charges In Oregon

Kidnapping I Definition:

  1. A person commits the crime of kidnapping in the first degree if the person violates ORS 163.225 (Kidnapping in the second degree) with any of the following purposes:
    • (a) To compel any person to pay or deliver money or property as ransom;
    • (b) To hold the victim as a shield or hostage;
    • (c) To cause physical injury to the victim;
    • (d) To terrorize the victim or another person; or
    • (e) To further the commission or attempted commission of any of the following crimes against the victim:
      • (A) Rape in the first degree, as defined in ORS 163.375 (Rape in the first degree) (1)(b);
      • (B) Sodomy in the first degree, as defined in ORS 163.405 (Sodomy in the first degree) (1)(b); or
      • (C) Unlawful sexual penetration in the first degree, as defined in ORS 163.411 (Unlawful sexual penetration in the first degree) (1)(b).
  2. Kidnapping in the first degree is a Class A felony. [1971 c.743 §99; 2005 c.22 §112; 2009 c.660 §43]

Kidnapping II Definition According To ORS 163.225: 

  1. A person commits the crime of kidnapping in the second degree if, with intent to interfere substantially with another’s personal liberty, and without consent or legal authority, the person:
    • (a) Takes the person from one place to another; or
    • (b) Secretly confines the person in a place where the person is not likely to be found.
  2. It is a defense to a prosecution under subsection (1) of this section if:
    • (a) The person taken or confined is under 16 years of age;
    • (b) The defendant is a relative of that person; and
    • (c) The sole purpose of the person is to assume control of that person.
  3. Kidnapping in the second degree is a Class B felony. [1971 c.743 §98; 2005 c.22 §111]

Professional Measure 11 Kidnapping Defense

Please don’t risk your future on a lawyer who is unfamiliar or unwilling to defend you against felony kidnapping charges. It’s especially important to find adequate representation if you’re a juvenile, considering the restrictions and implications of Measure 11 for juveniles.

If you need a successful and proven attorney who has experience with kidnapping defense, call Robert Sepp at 503-388-5382 today.

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