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Skilled Probation Violation Attorney Services

Violating probation will result in serious legal ramifications that require the knowledge of an experienced attorney to maneuver the landscape. Attorney Robert L. Sepp has successfully handled probation issues throughout Oregon for years. All probation violations need to be addressed quickly to limit the amount of damage and distress it will do in your life.

Why Should I Hire A Probation Violation Attorney?

A probation violation will result in an order to show cause or a warrant for your arrest to be issued. This will require that you appear in court and stand before a judge. The judge will be the sole decision-maker on whether you go to jail. You do not want to appear in front of a judge without an experienced probation violation attorney at your side. The judge can reinstate your probation with added stipulations or they can sentence you to jail or prison based on the original charges. You want to make sure you have the right legal professional on your team.

How Can A Probation Violation Lawyer Help My Case?

A probation violation attorney will take the time to outline the best defense possible for reasons behind the violation. Find any mitigating factors that will excuse or minimize the violation. Each case is unique, and attorney Sepp will seek to get you as much leniency in the situation as possible. The goal is to keep you out of jail.

How Much Are Lawyer Fees For Probation Violation Cases?

The lawyer fees for a probation violation will depend on the amount of time that has to go into building a case for your defense. The more serious the charges are, the more work it will require to gather the information needed and formulate the best plan. Fees also depend on whether you have been charged with a new crime and other specifics. Having a probation violation attorney on your side is one of the best investments you can make.

What Is The Consequence For A Felony Probation Violation?

The consequence for a felony probation violation can result in sentencing based on the original charges. It can mean up to five years in jail for a Class C felony. Additional sentencing will happen in the event that you are convicted of other crimes that led to the violation. You need the skills and knowledge of a probation violation lawyer to minimize these consequences as much as possible.

If you need an experienced probation violation lawyer who handles cases throughout the Portland area, contact Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law.

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