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Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is a serious offense. If you or someone you know is facing robbery charges, it’s important to consult with an experienced robbery attorney right away. Robert L. Sepp will dedicate his time and effort to fight hard and defend you. With him on your team, you may win at trial, get a reduced sentence, have reduced fines or even get your charges dropped altogether. Contact him today to learn whether your case qualifies.

What Is Robbery?

Robbery is taking property from another person by use of force or by threatened use of force. It’s often confused with burglary. Burglary is when a person enters a dwelling or building with the intent to commit a crime.

Types Of Robbery

In Oregon, there are three classes of robbery, each one with its own associated consequences:

  • Third degree (Class C felony): Physical force or threatened use of physical force is used to take someone’s property.
    • Up to five years in prison and a $125,000 fine
  • Second degree (Class B felony): In third-degree robbery, the defendant is either armed, or there is an accomplice during the robbery.
    • Up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine
    • Subject to Measure 11 mandatory minimum sentence of 70 months in prison
  • First degree (Class A felony): In third-degree robbery, the perpetrator is armed with a deadly weapon, uses or attempts to use said weapon or attempts to or causes physical harm to any person.
    • Up to 20 years in prison and a $375,000 fine.
    • Subject to the Measure 11 mandatory minimum of 90 months in prison

The penalties for robbery are serious, so if you’re facing robbery charges – especially armed robbery – it’s critical that you hire an experienced robbery attorney who possesses knowledge of and experience with the laws and consequences associated with robbery.

Attorney Sepp will:

  • Protect your constitutional rights
  • Challenge the state’s case against you
  • Represent you when negotiating with prosecutors

Robbery Attorney In Oregon

In order for the state of Oregon to convict you of robbery, it must first prove that:

  • You were present
  • You or your accomplice used force or threatened to use force to take the property of another
  • The property was taken from the person

These elements must be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Even if the state has proven its case, there are still different options for your defense.

  • Innocence
  • Affirmative defenses
  • Duress
  • True ownership

Experienced Robbery Lawyer

Not all cases are the same and may not require any or all of these options. It’s best to hire an attorney who understands the laws and consequences of all types of robbery. Though each robbery case is different, it is likely that a conviction will result in a jail or prison term. Attorney Sepp is an experienced robbery lawyer who knows the ins and outs of Oregon’s criminal laws. At his firm, Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law, he will study your case, go over your options and fight for your rights in court.

Located in West Linn, Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law is proud to represent clients in the Portland metro area, Willamette Valley, Oregon Coast, Bend, Medford, Eugene and throughout the entire state of Oregon.