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Aggressive Representation For Felony Charges

In Oregon, police officers and prosecutors do not take felony criminal matters lightly. If you’re facing this serious offense, neither should you. The stakes are simply too high. Even after you have done your time and paid your fines, this conviction can follow you throughout your life.

Having a felony conviction on your record could:

  • Limit your job or housing options
  • Prevent you from keeping your professional license
  • Prohibit you from receiving government assistance
  • Affect your gun rights
  • Stop you from getting a loan

When your future and your freedoms are on the line, legal experience matters. Attorney Robert L. Sepp has the experience that you need to combat serious allegations and charges. For nearly 20 years, he has aggressively represented individuals throughout Oregon against felony rape, assault, drug charges and others.

Why Working With An Attorney Is Critical

Navigating the criminal justice system is complicated whether you have a record already or are facing your first charge. Making a mistake can have dire consequences that can put your constitutional rights in jeopardy, add years to a sentence or increase the time you spend fighting the charges.

Attorney Sepp knows the ins and outs of this complex system. He has spent years defending his clients in courthouses throughout the state, so he is familiar with the strategies that work. He is equipped to take on the most challenging cases and will not stop until he gets the results that you deserve.

Attorney Robert Sepp is qualified to defend clients against a range of felony offenses, including:

When you retain attorney Sepp, he will examine the circumstances surrounding your arrest and scrutinize the evidence. He will use his criminal defense background to develop a strong, persuasive case that supports your version of events.

Felony convictions can carry lengthy prison sentences and steep fines. As your advocate, Mr. Sepp will explore all options to get your charges dismissed or reduced to limit the impact this criminal matter has on your life. If negotiations fall through, Mr. Sepp will zealously assert your rights in court. Over the years, attorney Sepp has earned a reputation for his aggressive legal strategies and compelling arguments.

Get A Strong Legal Advocate By Your Side

Time is not on your side whether you have been arrested or charged with a felony. Contact Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law, to begin building your defense. You can learn whether your case qualifies for a consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer by calling 503-388-5382 or by emailing the firm.

Located in West Linn, Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law is proud to represent clients in the Portland metro area, Willamette Valley, Oregon Coast, Bend, Medford, Eugene and throughout the entire state of Oregon.