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Identity Theft Defense Attorney

One of the most common theft crimes in Oregon is identity theft. As of 2007, Oregon ranked 13th in the nation for identity theft. As such, this crime is one of the most common white collar crimes in Oregon. Typically, identity theft is a crime that occurs when you use someone’s personal information, such as a Social Security number, bank accounts, checks, credit cards or credit history to obtain goods, services or even a new identity using the victim’s name.

You can be charged with identity theft for using the personal information of a deceased person. In fact, the district attorney can even charge you with identity theft for stealing the personal information of someone that you just made up.

Depending on the nature of your actions, you can be charged with a single count or multiple counts in Oregon. Single counts often stem from forging a check or opening an account in someone else’s name. Multiple charges can occur when you open and use a fraudulent credit card account or debit card or use someone’s Social Security information.

The penalties in Oregon are stiff for theft-related charges. Depending on the nature of the crime committed, the charges levied against you and your past criminal history, sentences can range from probation and a fine to months or even years in jail or prison. On top of that, a theft-related conviction can cause you to bar you from future employment opportunities in some fields.

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