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Experienced Attorney Representation For Theft- And Forgery-Related Charges

Legal defense for theft, identity theft, forgery and more can be fought many different ways.  As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Robert L. Sepp can help protect your rights through this process. Many times, evidence against you in these types of cases is obtained through search and seizure of your vehicle, home, office and computer. Attorney Sepp has the knowledge and skills to help protect your rights.

In some cases, the battle does not end at a verdict of guilty but rather at the sentencing phase.  Sentencing for theft matters in Oregon is commonly misunderstood by the law. District attorneys routinely seek jail or prison sentences against convicted defendants for property crimes in excess of what Oregon laws allow. This is why you need an attorney who is experienced in defending the case at trial and, should the need arise, minimizing the defendant’s exposure to jail or prison.

Attorney Consultation For Charges Of Theft

Because the penalties in theft cases can be so severe, it is very important to talk with an experienced criminal theft defense attorney before making any statements to law enforcement. From the onset, you will want to make sure that you are able to minimize potential consequences for these types of charges, and you want to make sure that your constitutional rights are not violated.

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