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Immigration Lawyer

The lawyer at Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law, strives to help you understand the U.S. immigration system and dedicates his time to accomplish reaching your immigration goals. Robert Sepp knows that you want to find the best path possible, but the steps are often confusing or unclear and the risks are high.

For personalized, experienced and compassionate representation by an immigration attorney serving individuals throughout Oregon, you can count on attorney Sepp to represent your case. Contact him online today and learn whether your case qualifies.

Cancellation Of Removal

Due to the sensitive nature of immigration law, consulting experienced immigration law attorney Sepp gives you the best chance at being granted a cancellation of removal. It is vital to work with a professional who understands the laws in Oregon and who knows the eligibility requirements for cancellation of removal.

DACA Case Attorney In Portland

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a law that allows those who would be deported or those who have deportation orders to temporarily stay in the United States for two years with the prospect of possible renewals. We can help you start an application today.

Family Immigration Lawyer

Family immigration processes can be challenging, discouraging and difficult to manage. When you choose to hire attorney Sepp to assist with family member immigration, you are getting a professional that is familiar with the immigration process. He has been successful in helping many families. Call his firm, Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law, today.

Visa Petitions

Immigration law attorney Sepp has the experience to help you or your loved one get legal residency in the United States. Even though there are never any guarantees in the petition process, he has great knowledge of Portland immigration laws and will help you obtain legal status.

Illegal Reentry

Those who have been charged with illegal reentry into the United States face serious consequences, including prison or jail time followed by immediate removal and deportation. To help you avoid harsh treatment, attorney Sepp fights for the rights of clients who face these charges. He will make sure everyone receives a fair review.


According to immigration law, all individuals have the right to request a bond hearing. Attorney Sepp files strong motions so that all clients receive fair treatment and have solid chances of gaining temporary freedom.

Located in West Linn, Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law is proud to represent clients in the Portland metro area, Willamette Valley, Oregon Coast, Bend, Medford, Eugene and throughout the entire state of Oregon.