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Immigration Bonds, Immigration Bond Hearings And Deportation Holds

Being arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers and put into an immigration detention facility is extremely stressful and confusing for many immigrants. Normally, those who are taken by ICE officers and detained are able to post what is called an immigration bond; however, many do not know this option exists. The lawyer at Robert L. Sepp, Attorney at Law, can help you with immigration bonds, immigration bond hearings and deportation holds. Robert Sepp is an extremely experienced immigration attorney who has what it takes to help you fight to stay in the United States.

What Is An Immigration Bond?

An immigration bond is similar to a state or federal bond in that its purpose is to guarantee your appearance in court after you have been released with a Notice to Appear (NTA). Typically, ICE will set a bond price for you, but if that does not occur, you have the option of requesting to see a judge to get a bond set. You have the ability to request an immigration bond upon your arrest. As a rule of thumb, immigration bonds are never any less than $1,500. If you believe the immigration bond set for you is too high, you have the option to have your bond reviewed by a judge.

Once the judge reviews your bond, the decision is final and can no longer be reconsidered. If you are released on an immigration bond, you must appear at all court proceedings or your bond will be forfeited and there will be a warrant out for your arrest. We highly encourage you to consult attorney Sepp before attempting to file an immigration bond on your own, as failure to do so could result in your bond being denied or the bond amount being too high.

How Do I Get An Immigration Bond?

Typically, immigration bonds are set by ICE or an immigration judge within 48 hours of being arrested by ICE officers. However, there are circumstances in which those applying for an immigration bond will be denied. Grounds for denial of an immigration bond are as follows:

  • You have criminal charges against you, including but not limited to aggravated felonies, drug offenses, firearm offenses, security-related crimes or terrorist activities
  • You are just arriving to the United States

Why Should I Hire Attorney Sepp For My Immigration Bond Needs?

Attorney Sepp is highly experienced when it comes to successfully obtaining immigration bonds. Attempting to set your own immigration bond is challenging and oftentimes set much higher than it would be if had been handled by a respected and seasoned immigration attorney.

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